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BUYING Tatis, Soccer’s HOTTEST Players & Stranger Things Cards

August 12, 2022

After the National Sports Collectors Convention, the sports card market is heating up again.

  • Injured baseball stars are back on the field — we’re talking Fernando Tatis Jr.
  • The Premier League started with a bang—Erling Haaland’s two goals.
  • The most important hockey sports card release of the year just dropped—Upper Deck Black Diamond.
  • Excerpts from “The Hobby,” PWCC’s YouTube show featuring @SlabStoxAaron’s passion for Stranger Things and collectable cards connected to the Netflix super series.
  • Watch the full Stranger Things Collectors Cards interview:
  • Flip Quest #30 tracking buys and sells on the PWCC Weekly Auction.

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Today, we cover:

00:17 - BASEBALL: Buy Tatis on the dip? Not so fast—Nate digs into the data

4:01 - SOCCER: Three players who hit it during the Premier League opener

9:01 - STRANGER THINGS: - Go upside down into the hottest culture cards

14:01- HOCKEY: - Most important hockey card release of the year 18:12 -

FLIP QUEST - Two sports cards we’re watch in the PWCC Weekly Auction #30


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